How To Have Sex With Ex Girlfriend

You two can't stand being in the same room unless it's the bedroom; you're trying to figure out how to have sex with ex-girlfriend. Even if you don't want to be together forever, you might still want to be together for a night. You might even start wondering how she ever got to be an ex in the first place.

  1. Invite your ex girlfriend to do something at your place. This only works if you're still on good terms and relatively friendly with one another. Clean up your apartment, kick out your roommate, shower, shave and put yourself together and ask your ex girlfriend if she'd like to come over for pizza and a movie. Don't prepare any kind of elaborate dinner that makes it obvious you're trying to have sex with your ex girlfriend. Just ask her to hang out with you, then just happen to be looking your best when she comes by. Invite her over at dinner time and choose a really long movie to keep her at your place as late as possible.
  2. Attend a party where your ex girlfriend will be drinking. Lots of post breakup sex is alcohol fueled. If you still have mutual friends, make it a point to attend a get together you know she'll be at. Be on your most charming behavior and act like you still want to be her friend and you might be taking her home with you. This strategy is risky, though. You could end up witnessing your ex girlfriend hook up with another guy. 
  3. Booty call her. If you want to have sex with your ex girlfriend, try just asking her. She might be missing you and the convenient and familiar sex the two of you had together as bad as you are missing her. You probably already know if your ex girlfriend might be interested in some casual sex. You at least have some idea whether the suggestion will offend her or not.   


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