How To Have Sex With Friend’s Sister

If you would like to know how to have sex with a friend’s sister, then you likely already have your eye on the girl you want to date. Things can get complicated since your friend might not like the thought of you dating and having sex with his sister. However, it’s important to remember that both you and your friend’s sister are adults and can make your own decisions about sex and dating.

  1. Make sure you’re serious. Before you start to date and have sex with your friend’s sister, make sure you’re serious about her. Just casual sex isn’t going to cut it between friends. It can hurt your friend’s sister and destroy your friendship. If you want sex, be prepared to take on the responsibilities of a relationship, too.
  2. Talk it over with your friend’s sister first. Make sure your friend’s sister is also serious about you. If she’s just looking for casual sex, you might want to give it another thought. Since she’s your friend’s sister, she might assume that your friend won’t get angry with her. You’re the one with more to lose in the situation, so take the time to have the conversation before dating or sex is on the table.
  3. Talk to your friend before you have sex. If you and your friend’s sister have been seeing each other or want to start dating seriously, talk to your friend before you actually have sex. Sit down together and have an honest discussion. Tell your friend how you feel about his sister and that his sister feels the same way about you.
  4. Confront your friend together. Your friend might want to hear it from his sister, as well. Talk with him together and let his sister explain how she feels about you. Remind him that you are both adults who can make responsible decisions and make it clear that you’re not just fooling around or after sex.
  5. Try to make it work. Once your friend gives the okay, don’t end it with sex or casual dating. Your friend and your friend’s sister are counting on you to try to have a real relationship. Enjoy the sex, but also take time to work on the relationship and try to make it work long term.



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