How To Have Sex With Friend’s Wife

The choice to have sex with the wife of your friend is a risky one, but you can learn how to have sex with your friend's wife, if you want to risk it. Sometimes the most forbidden fruits are the sweetest. Just because it is taboo,  the desire to make love with your friend's wife can be overwhelming. If you have the guts, you can do it.

To learn how to make love with your friend's wife, you will need:

  • guts
  • to be willing to lose your friend
  1. Make sure that you really want to have sex with your friend's wife. No beating around the bush here. This is a decision that will forever change your relationship with your friend, even if he never finds out. Make sure this is something you can live with before continuing.
  2. If you decided you really want to make love with your friend's wife, then proceed cautiously. Send her small signals. Make dirty jokes. Touch her on her back. Don't do anything that you can't explain away as being just a little too friendly.
  3. Wait for the right moment to approach your friend's wife for sex. Make sure that your friend is not around, and that his wife is in a good mood. Maybe make a joke about how hot she is. She will blush, and so that you are serious. Tell her that you think of her often, and imagine kissing her. If she does not seem disgusted, you are halfway home. Give her a kiss.
  4. Know when to get out of the relationship. If you continue your romance with your friend's wife, you will risk losing our friend. Know when to end the fling. It is best to make sex with your friend's wife a one time only affair.
  5. Make sure to keep up appearances. Don't do anything out of the ordinary with your friend. If you usually meet on Friday night, go. Don't ask questions about his wife, and don't worry that he is suspicious. If he was, he would not have met you.
  6. Never tell your friend, or any friends that you had sex with your best friend's wife. It is just bad form.
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