How To Have Sex With A Girl At A Party

It takes a little nerve and a lot of gumption to figure out how to have sex with a girl at a party. A lot of things have to fall into place for this to happen.  If you know what you’re doing, however, you can make sure its party neither of you will ever forget.

  1. Develop a nice rapport. Unless you’ve got the kind of knock-out looks and killer body that make women instinctively spread their legs, you’re going to have to work a bit at the relationship, just like you normally do when talking to a member of the opposite sex. Make friendly, polite conversation and when that goes well, get a little flirtatious with her. She has to feel comfortable and safe with you and be attracted to you on multiple levels before she’ll do something this daring.
  2. Know your potential partner. The girl who looks like a librarian and spends all night talking about Virgil might seem less kinky than the girl with pink hair and a tattoo of a vagina on her neck. But don’t jump to conclusions. Get a sense of how adventurous your prospective mate is. If this is really your goal for the night, don’t’ waste time on girls who talk about getting nervous going five miles over the speed limit.
  3. The physical space needs to work. You’re not going to have much luck in having sex with a girl at a party if the party is in your buddy’s studio apartment. You need to be in a place that has a nice, quiet area to which you can retreat—someplace that will be quiet and safe. Even if she’s adventurous enough to do this, she’s not going to be willing to get caught and branded a slut. To have sex with a girl at a party, scope the place out first and know where the safe places are … when the time comes, you can sell her on your suggested locations.
  4. Alcohol can’t hurt, but be smart. Alcohol lowers our inhibitions, so if you both feel at little buzzed, it will increase the likelihood that you’re willing to do something you might not normally do. Enjoy some adult beverages until you’re both feeling a little loose and then you can make the move. To have sex with a girl at a party, she has to feel like she’s having a good time, and alcohol often helps with that. It is NEVER right, however, to take advantage of someone who has had so much to drink that their faculties are not all there.
  5. Don’t pursue her like this is the beginning of a long-term thing. If she’s willing to sneak off for some fun while at a party, she’s probably just looking for a quick good time; she’s not laying (no pun intended) the foundation for a long-term relationship. Therefore, as you’re making your moves, don’t talk about what you guys might do next weekend or how much you know she’ll just love your parents.  You’re trying to have sex with a girl at a party, not meet your soul mate. Coming on too strong may freak her out.
  6. Find your escape. To have sex with a girl at a party, you must assess the party based on how many people are there, where their focus is, the energy level, etc. to know when it will be easy for you too to duck out, unnoticed. If she’s got a gang of girls keeping a close eye on her, bail on the plan. If she’s with one friend who is currently doing Jell-O shots on the balcony, you might have your opportunity.  
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