How To Have Sex In GTA San Andreas

Learning how to have sex in GTA San Andreas gives you the ability to explore opportunities with various women—it can be a girlfriend or random hooker looking for sex. To bring out your inner player skills, read on what to do to get women in bed.

  1. Go on dates. The game provides six girlfriends to have sex with in GTA San Andreas. Similar to real life, each girl needs your attention and requires going out on dates before you get the opportunity to sleep with her. Realize each girl has different tastes and likes dining or dancing in specific areas in GTA San Andreas. As you spend more with them, they will invite you in for hot coffee. Keep her happy and she will continue to have sex with you.
  2. Find prostitutes. Not all the girlfriends in GTA San Andreas will be available due to time or distance, so the easiest access to getting sex is locating hookers in different cities in GTA San Andreas. These prostitutes easily separate from regular women on the street, as they are wearing very short skirts, fitted tops and high thigh black boots. To have sex with them, make sure your car is in new mint condition, your sex symbol status is up—wear stylish clothing, great muscles don’t hurt—and they will ask if you want a good time. Take them in a quiet remote area and give them cash in exchange for sex.
  3. Hot Coffee with girlfriends. The highly controversial method of having sex with any girlfriends in GTA San Andreas is using "Hot Coffee", a mini game modded by hackers, which allows the main character to have sex with a girlfriend after inviting him in her home for hot coffee. It shows a very revealing scene of the main character and his girlfriend having sexual intercourse, along with a bar revealing the level of excitement. This mod for San Andreas was the first in the entire GTA series that contained a explicit sexual scene.
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