How To Have Sex With Hot Women

Learn how to have sex with hot women. All men want sex, there's no doubt about that fact. Men have intense sexual urges and according to "Psychology Today," 54 percent of men think about sex several times throughout each day. Learning how to have sex with hot women is about more than just getting a female body to sleep with. It's about learning how to better please the opposite sex both on and off the field. Use the steps in this article to help you learn how to have sex with hot women.

To have sex with hot women, you will need:

  • Protection
  • Soap
  • A good personality


  1. Earn the trust of hot women. This doesn't mean you should try and trick women into sleeping with you. Earn genuine trust. Find beautiful women and just try and be friends with them. As they get closer to you, opportunities arise.
  2. Be a nice guy and a bad boy at the same time. Women love bad guys. Women also love good guys. If you can find an area somewhere in the middle, then you're golden. Show a woman that you are in control and you do what you want, while at the same time respecting her. It's tough, but if you accomplish it, you will turn women on.
  3. Groom yourself daily. This is no secret: women don't like guys who are dirty, stink or look disgusting. This means that you should spend some extra cash taking care of yourself. This includes keeping your beard, body hair and head hair trimmed as well as wearing clean clothes that smell good. Invest in good cologne and even consider getting your teeth whitened. Chew gum or eat mints often for fresh breath, as well.
  4. Stay cool. This is probably the best advice for any guy that wants to have sex with hot women. Don't get nervous around a pretty girl. They are just human, after all. If you find yourself getting overwhelmed when you are around a beautiful woman, take a second to think about her as a human. She has to eat, sleep, urinate and defecate just like you. That'll put a smile on your face as you regain confidence to be yourself around hot women.
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