How To Have Sex In A Hotel Room

If you are finally getting out of town with your main squeeze and your mind is trying to conjure up some adventurous ways on how to have sex in a hotel room, check out some of these “tried-and-true” methods. Sex in other places rock!

If men were not explorers, they would have never found America or figured out how to unscramble porn. Here is a heads up, though. There are many degrees of wildness; it means different things to different people. So, the first part of your strategy on how to have sex in a hotel room is: If your partner is shy, ply her with mass quantities of adult beverages. This also applies to every situation known to man. What follows are a few foolproof ways to have whip-lashing, uproarious, mind-bending bump and grinding sex in a hotel room.

  1. It’s a costume party! Take advantage of this opportunity to have sex in a hotel room. Everyone loves silk, so don’t forget to pack your silk pajama bottoms. More importantly, pack your role-playing outfits, and remind her to do the same. Having good sex in a hotel room can bring out the creativeness and imagination in anyone. Being comfortable involves indulging each other's fantasies. Pack up those chaps and move em out cowboy. (More on role-play later).
  2. Give good pre-hotel foreplay. Prior to picking her up, send your partner explicit texts and emails letting them know how hot you think they are. Tell them exactly what you want to do to their mind and body and how often you want to do it to them. This will have them fairly buzzing with excitement. Who knows, you may even get your freak on before you even leave town.
  3. Do the Balcony Boogey. If you have arrived at night at your love shack, take a shower together. However, try not to have sex in the hotel shower, just yet. Anticipation is truly awesome when having sex in a hotel room. Unless you are on the ground floor, pour a glass a wine, take her hand and head for the balcony. Picture it. It’s a starry night, you reach under her robe and cup her breasts while whispering seductively in her ear. You can probably take it from there. What makes it so hot is the ratio of risk to hotness; technically, you are in public, but no one (hopefully) can see you. The potential for anyone seeing you is there…but not really…get it? Trust this. It’s intense.
  4. Role-playing is righteous. Who is really going to care if you have secretly always wanted to be a hot delivery guy serving a starving, extremely grateful customer? Why not play a corrections officer and she your prisoner. You should probably beat her senseless to ensure your raging stiffy (yes, we jest). That idea is good for a stranger abduction, too. How about playing a scary biker? Your partner would most likely make an outstanding innocent cheerleader. Does she harbor a secret desire to screw her college professor? This is the perfect place to find out and you’ll have another memory of how to have sex in a hotel room. 

There are many ideas for mind-blowing sex in a hotel room. There is anonymity. You are not at home, so typical patterns are disrupted. This leaves a huge host of space for sexy, erotic play.

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