How To Have Sex On A Motorcycle

So, you want to know how to have sex on a motorcycle. The consistent vibration as the bike idles, a beautiful biker chick and you obviously ready to have your way. While it isn't difficult, knowing how to have sex on a motorcycle will definitely make the experience that much more enjoyable when the time comes. Follow these steps for the best sex on a motorcycle:

  1. To Have Sex on a Motorcycle, Turn the Bike On: With the bike on, it is going to add more thrill to the experience. The vibrations can apply some pressure to her clitoris which, in turn, will give her an even stronger orgasm when she does have one.
  2. Undress: You obviously don't want to be fully clothed trying to have sex. Get undressed, make it sexy for her and yourself. Don't just strip naked in the blink of an eye. The more you enhance the undressing for her, the more she'll enjoy it.
  3. Sit on the Bike: Sit on the bike as if you were going to ride it. This means that you want to be seated comfortably on your leather seat. You want to be comfortable because, as the next step explains, she's going to sit in your lap.
  4. Pull Her On Your Lap: Now that you are on the bike naked, pull her into your lap. You can have her face you or face away, that doesn't matter. But, have her sit down on top of you.
  5. Enjoy: Obviously…Enjoy yourself.

Knowing how to have sex on a motorcycle is really a great thing to have in your repertoire of sexual ideas. While it is not difficult, knowing how to have sex on a motorcycle will definitely make it easier. So, rev up your engine and enjoy yourself! You can bet she will be enjoying it with all that vibrating. going on. Hold on, boy!



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