How To Have Sex With Multiple Partners

If you’ve been wondering how to have sex with multiple partners, you might already realize that it’s not exactly common sense. There are a few things that always need to be kept in mind, and of course, it’s always nice to get a few lessons in these types of areas before actually trying them out. If you’re planning on having sex with multiple partners for the first time, this will be some of the most valuable information concerning this available to you.

  1. The first step in having sex with multiple partners is to remember not to get jealous. You might be considering trying this new style out with your significant other, so it’s important to remember not to get jealous if you’re watching your girlfriend get pounded by some random dude. If the thought of this makes your blood boil, having sex with multiple partners might not be such of a good idea.
  2. Make sure you can trust the people you’ll be doing it with. You can never really be too sure when it comes to knowing exactly what types of diseases your sexual partners might carry, so make sure you at least know the people you’ll be with.
  3. Be sure to be clean and have good hygiene for the “event.” Nobody wants to be getting their groove on and suddenly get a whiff of ungodly body odor. Be sure to clean yourself up before intercourse to maintain a positive and erotic mood.
  4. Use protection. Even though you might trust those you are with, it’s important to use protection anyway to create the best chances at staying “clean.” You will regret it if you end up with an incurable disease just because you went by your friend verbally telling you that she was clean.
  5. Use a new condom each time you switch partners. Of course, wearing a condom will greatly decrease your odds of contracting an STD, but if you wear the same condom with two partners, you could be transmitting an STD from the first partner to the second. Because of this, be sure to re-wrap frequently when you have sex with multiple partners.
  6. Be respectful. The only way to keep sex with multiple partners as enjoyable as possible is to be respectful and courteous. This goes for everyone else as well. If there’s one person that’s being inconsiderate or rude, this could throw the entire mood to the gutter, and everyone ends up having a horrible time. 
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