How To Have Sex With My Friend’s Mom

Have you ever asked yourself the question, “How to have sex with my friend’s mom?" Do not be afraid; it is okay to admit. In fact, it is quite natural. If your friend’s mom is hot, you are going to fantasize about her. Well, guess what; this no longer has to be just a fantasy. You can actually learn how to have sex with your friend’s mom; and, if you are careful, you might just be able to save the friendship. 

  1. Wait until you are at least eighteen. It does not matter how rockin’ hot your friend’s mom is. If you are under the legal age, then stay away. Even if you are able to pull it off, you risk getting your friend’s mom sent to jail and labeled as a sexual predator. This really is a no win situation.
  2. Turn yourself into eye candy. Okay, your friend’s mom is only going to want to have sex with you if you represent a young, nubile and energetic image. Now do not be afraid. You do not have to have a huge chest, big guns and rock star abs; but you will need to hit the gym every once in a while. So, get yourself into a little bit of shape, get a tan, and dress up your wardrobe.
  3. Start flirting every chance you get. If you truly want to have sex with your friend’s mom, you are going to have to spark up some sexual tension. Do not waste any opportunities to flirt with her. Make eye contact, stand close, and make innocent but sexual comments.
  4. Wait for her to reciprocate. You need to give it time. You cannot just take off your shirt and wait for your friend’s mom to jump your bones. She is going to need to warm up to the idea. Do not be forceful. Just give her gentle hints here and there that let her know that you are interested in having sex with her. Eventually, she will let you know if there is a mutual attraction.
  5. Start with some innocent bodily contact. You friend’s mom may not come right out and tell you that she wants to have sex with you, but she will let you know in other ways. This could be through some inadvertent hand holding, the brushing of skin, or some secret and naughty comments.
  6. Just go with it. She is older; so, this probably means that she is more experienced, meaning that she can teach you a thing or two. Try to keep up, and not let her down. Remember, she wants you because you are young. So, give it to her.
  7. Decide whether it was a one-time thing. You need to decide if it was a one-time thing because you need to know what to tell your friend. If the two of you decide never to let it happen again, then do not stress over telling your friend. Of course, if you plan to have sex with your friend’s mom on a regular basis, you are going to need to break the news. Just try to let him down gently.
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