How To Have Sex With My Girlfriend

When the long awaited time to finally take the next step in the relationship arrives, every man asks the big question: "What can I do to learn how to have sex with my girlfriend?" Fortunately, this is an extremely common question that has cohesive, simple answers. As sex becomes a more natural experience for both the man as well as the woman, more pleasure and experimentation will begin to take place; thus, taking the sexual relationship to a very desirable level. This article outlines the basics of what a man needs to know when having sex with his girlfriend.

  1. Ensure both partners are ready to take the step. An extremely important aspect of having sex with your girlfriend is to ensure she is ready and in the right state of mind to enjoy the experience. If she, or the man for the matter, are not ready to make this step, awkwardness can quickly take the place of any pleasure and enjoyment that would otherwise be prevalent.
  2. Engage in foreplay and oral sex. Warm her up by initiating in foreplay and heavy petting; this will help get the fire going and help soothe the mentality for first timers. Towards the end of foreplay, make the transition to oral sex. By implementing oral sex, you are ensuring she is wet and plenty lubricated for when intercourse does begin.
  3. Be gentle and aware of prospective pain that can come with intercourse. When a guy is learning how to have sex with his girlfriend, the single most important element to take note of is to be gentle with her. When intercourse does begin, ensure the transition is slow and at her desired pace. Depending on her level of sexual promiscuity, and the size of your penis, the simple act of initial intercourse can be painful for women.
  4. Keep the pace slow and methodical; let her take control initially. It is important that when a man has sex with his girlfriend, particularly for the first time, he lets her take control. Pay attention to her reaction and enjoyment level; if she is into it, and getting rowdy, by all means, kick it up a notch or two. However, if she is still adjusting angles trying to find the right spot, go along with it till she hits it. Once she gets the position right and your penis is hitting all the right spots, you can begin to take the controls a little more aggressively and experiment with pace as well as roughness.

In all, when a man is first asking himself:  "How to learn how to have sex with my girlfriend?," nothing gets better results than practice. When the times comes that you are both ready, take the plunge. Always remember, it is not uncommon in the least for the first few times to be a learning experience, especially for those couples who have not had previous partners. However, it will only get better as both partners learn the others pleasure points.

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