How To Have Sex With Neighbor

If you want to capitalize your living situation, you need to learn how to have sex with neighbor. Having sex with neighbor is the ultimate chance to get the girl next door, the stuff that movies have been made about for generations. Having sex with neighbors is the best because they're close by, they know all the hot spots like you do, and you don't have to worry about finding a cab back to your place once the two of you are done. As long as you are your charming and charismatic self, you should have no problem have sex with neighbors.

  1. Approach the situation casually. Don't just appear out of her place with a bouquet of flowers in your hand. When learning how to have sex with neighbor, you need to broach the subject as subtly as possible. Invite her over for a few parties or backyard barbecues, giving you the chance to get to know her better. Once you do this, you'll find that bringing her to bed will be much easier, since she'll see you more than just that guy who lives near her.
  2. Be yourself. Don't try to change your attitude just to suit the her fancy. Considering that she lives right next to you, she probably sees you at your most unguarded, like when you're taking out the garbage or getting the mail in your boxer shorts. As such, you need to be yourself if you want to have any chance of having sex with neighbors.
  3. Treat her like a friend. One of the best ways to ensure that you have sex with neighbors is to always be that guy they turn to for a good time. Ask her out for movies, a dinner with following drinks, or maybe just a night out dancing. If you turn into the person she looks for fun activities, you may eventually turn into the person she looks for casual sex. It never hurts to be romantic, but it always helps to be an awesome guy that she wants to be around all the time.
  4. Don't be creepy. This one might be a little hard, considering the two of you live next to each other. Resist the urge to sneak a few peaks at her while she's doing yoga or checking her mail, and don't leave her little notes or gifts on her doorstep. Remember, you're a man, not a prepubescent boy—it's time to start acting like one, especially if you want to have sex with your hot neighbor.

One of the best perks about living next to an attractive girl is the possibility of learning how to have sex with neighbors. Once again, you need be as casual and non-confrontational as possible, ensuring that you don't freak her out even after you have sex. Of course, when you succeed, you'll have a casual sex partner who is literally right outside of your door.

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