How To Have Sex Outside

If you're looking to add an element of excitement to your sex life, you may want to learn how to have sex outside.  The enhanced sense of nakedness, the danger, the knowledge that you could be caught at any time: all of these factors have the potential to make for great sex. But to do it properly, you should aim for the three virtues of fore planning, mobility and discretion.

  1. Make sure having sex outside is something your partner wants. This should go without saying, but if you embark on any adventurous variation of sex, you need to be sure you and your partner are comfortable with each other sexually. If your girl wants to have sex outside, more power to you; if not, don't pressure her. Hesitance in either partner will distract them from the necessary steps below to make this an enjoyable experience.
  2. Know the risks. If you're going to do anything, it pays to know the consequences of doing it. This is especially true of having sex outside. Statutes vary widely from state to state, from little to no punishment, to serious jail time. Sex adds an additional wrinkle to the consequences, but as long as both parties are consensual adults reasonably outside of the potential view of children, it is unlikely you will receive much more than the charges for nudity.
  3. Choose the right clothes. A spontaneous romp in the great outdoors likely won't leave room for you to choose your wardrobe, but if you and your partner have a specific plan to have sex outside, it pays to make good clothing choices. Think ease and mobility. Women should wear a sun dress or other loose fitting clothing and men should avoid tight pants. When are pants too tight? If you don't think you could tuck your erection into your pants at the slightest suspicious rustle, it's too tight.
  4. Choose the right positions. Every tip listed above is fairly rigid (forgive the pun). Choosing your positions is where sex outside gets creative. You should think about where you've chosen to do it. Is it a popular outdoor hangout? Is their a fair chance someone will wander by where you are? Then rear-entry positions, especially from a sitting position, will give you a minimum of tangled limbs and plausible deniability – your girlfriend could innocently be sitting in your lap. But if you're deep in the great outdoors, you can really cut loose and use any position you please.
  5. Have a naughty picnic. Bugs, dry grass, tree bark and, yes, poison ivy are all things outside that you probably don't want rubbing against your nether regions and ruining an intimate moment. Take a lesson from your mother and always pack a large blanket to spread on the ground. This simple investment will let you get filthy without getting dirty.
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