How To Have Sex With Phimosis

Figuring out how to have sex with Phimosis can be difficult. Phimosis is one of those conditions that can be a real annoyance. Especially  when it comes to having sex. Phimosis is a condition where an uncircumcised penis can't fully retract it's foreskin. In other words, your penis head can't  be fully uncovered by pulling the foreskin back. This condition of Phimosis can lead to many infections simply because of the difficulty to keeping the penis well cleaned. Well, the same issues arise when a person with Phimosis wants to have sex. There's a chance that semen or some other bodily fluid can become trapped under the foreskin which can lead to some sort of infection. So, the best way for someone with Phimosis to have sex is for that person to be extremely disciplined in cleaning themselves before and afterwards. Here's how to go about having sex with Phimosis.

  1. Stretching. Pulling your foreskin back can be a painful process, even more so with Phimosis. But, you have to condition your penis. Try numbing your penis with ice when you pull the foreskin back. Also, take your index finger and thumb and use them as a wedge to stretch your foreskin opening. You will feel some discomfort. Start out slowly. As you condition yourself to this sort of manipulation, you can gradually pull the foreskin back further. Be careful. Pulling too much can cause scar tissue, making it even harder to pull the foreskin back.
  2. Cleanliness. To minimize the catching and transmittal of certain infections you have to make it a point to clean your penis daily. Make sure you really get in there and clean it out. Your personal health and the health of your love interest depends on it.
  3. Condoms. Because the rate for developing some sort of infection is a lot higher in people with Phimosis, you need to make sure to always use condoms. Make sure you're protecting your woman. If you get to the point to where you guys want to have children, then you can consult with a doctor. But, if it's just about the sex, then strap your soldier up. Oh, by adding a little lube, you can increase the sensation you feel. Some people with Phimosis complain that the foreskin actually desensitizes them. If this is the case for you, grab some of that sex jelly, it'll help.
  4. Afterwards. After the deed is done, immediately get in there and clean your soldier out. The cuddling can wait for five minutes. It's far more important to remove any semen or anything else that may develop into an infection.
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