How To Have Sex With Pregnant Woman

Knowing how to have sex with a pregnant woman can help relieve some of the anxiety you might feel when you think of having sex with your pregnant partner. For normal pregnancies that have no complications or major risk factors, sexual activity can be continued up until the baby is born. The most important thing is having open and honest communication with your partner to make sure she’s comfortable with sex during pregnancy.

  1. Talk to the doctor. Before you have sex with a pregnant woman, she should consult with her doctor to make sure it’s safe. In some cases, such as if the woman is high-risk for a miscarriage, sex during pregnancy might not be a good idea. Semen can also induce labor, so sex during the final few weeks of pregnancy might also be discouraged.
  2. Know what not to do. Oral sex is fine during pregnancy as long as you do not blow into the vagina. This can cause a blockage in a blood vessel, which can be lethal for the unborn baby and the expectant mother. Before you have sex with a pregnant partner, you should be tested for sexually transmitted diseases. These can be transmitted to the fetus through the mother, so you should not have sex with a pregnant woman if you have one.
  3. Avoid anal sex. During pregnancy, you should stick to vaginal sex and oral sex. Anal sex is generally uncomfortable for pregnant women due to pregnancy hemorrhoids, and can also cause a vaginal infection.
  4. Try out other positions. When it comes to sexual positions, always keep mutual comfort and enjoyment in mind. Missionary position can be uncomfortable for pregnant women due to their fetal girth. Inserting your penis from behind her or positioning the pregnant woman on top can minimize discomfort due to fetal girth. Another position you can try is for the pregnant woman to lie on her side while you position yourself behind her.
  5. Communicate. To have a satisfactory sexual experience with a pregnant woman, you should be sure to keep the lines of communications open at all times. Be honest about your hesitations, concerns and preferences, and encourage her to do the same.

Sexual activity will not hurt an unborn fetus in a normal pregnancy. Orgasms can cause a contraction-like sensation, but they are not the same as labor contractions and won’t hurt the mother or the unborn baby.

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