How To Have Sex On The Second Date

Figuring out how to have sex on the second date is going to take some real player-like precision on your part. In order for a woman to do anything, she has to be emotionally and mentally comfortable. This includes having sex on the second date. So, your task is to get your love interest hot enough, bothered enough, and most importantly comfortable enough to want to have sex with you on the second date. This endeavor is far from impossible, but having sex on the second date takes a lot of strategy. Well, dust off your mental chess boards. Here's the best way to go about having sex on the second date.

  1. Before the first date. Yeah buddy, if you're trying to have sex on the second date, you'll have to be working on it before the first date. All you can really do at this point is gather and process information on the girl. As soon as you first meet her and do the whole awkward number exchange thing, your homework begins. You're going to need to talk to her on the phone. You're going to need to correspond through text. You're going to have to plant the "he's interesting seed" early. Don't be a moron and stalk her through the phone. More isn't better in this case. Just make sure that when you do speak to her, it's quality conversation.
  2. Keep your conversations interesting.ou want to spark an interest in her while also finding out things you two have in common. Here's the trick. You have to be an active player in your conversations without divulging too much. This means asking lots of questions about her and paying attention to her answers. Keep the conversation going and don't be afraid to jump around from topic to topic. Just make sure they're interesting topics. Remember to pay attention to her. Show great interest in the commonalities you two have. Having things in common help to promote comfort.  When she questions you, give her answers, but leave some information out. This will create mystery. Mystery is alluring. You following this?
  3. Keep her on her toes. If you've connected through text and calling, feel free to sporadically text her just to see how she's doing. Let her know she's on your mind. But, don't make yourself to accessible. Be "busy" sometimes if she calls. Other times, be totally engaged. Switch it up. Don't let her get a peg on you too soon. OOOOOH more mystery.
  4. The first date. By the time you reach the first date, you'll be ahead in the game. Choose a venue where you guys can talk. Continue to learn about her. At this point, you're going to let your body language do the majority of your communication. Continue with your spirited dialogue, while simultaneously shooting her a few seductive, powerful glances. It's even ok to compliment her on her beauty, but don't dwell on it. Focus vocally on her other likeable attributes (i.e. her mind, or her world view). It's important not to come out and actually converse on a sexual level. But, a lingering look in her eyes will quickly educate her on your interest.
  5. In between the first and second date. If you played the first date right, having sex on the second date is in your grasp. But, before you get there, continue with the random texts, calls, etc. Continue building that mystery by revealing just a little more about yourself. You can even open up about how gorgeous she is now. Just make sure that you've given her other attributes a healthy amount of praise.
  6. The second date. Choose something original, something exciting, and something that really caters to her wants. Continue with the sexual body language. Build comfort with her for the rest of the evening. If you've done these things right, she'll be asking you in. Just play it cool, even slightly hesitant. Once you get in there, you know what to do.
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