How To Have Sex On The Side

Do you need to learn how to have sex on the side? Okay, get your mind out of  the gutter. This is not about cheating on your partner. This article will explain how to have sex while laying on your side. Sex on the side is achieved in a couple different ways that can be pleasing to both men and women. Lets face it everyone like trying different positions when it comes to sex. No one likes having sex in the same position time after time. Its always a good idea to try out different ways to please a partner. Listed below you will find out how to have sex on the side and tips to make sex on the side great.

  1. A great sex position on the side is called sideways samba. The samba consists of the woman laying on her side with her legs at a ninety degree angle. When she is in this position her body should look like an "L" shape. The man will lay on his side behind the woman lining up the genitals to meet. Next the main will raise his torso using his hands. Now he will place his other hand on the other side of the woman next to her chest. Now he will enter her. The man will be in control not the woman.
  2. The samba is a great sex position both man and woman like to perform. The samba can be performed on a bed or floor. The bed will be softer however doing the sideways samba on the floor can be comfortable. Just lay some quilts or blankets on the floor before you start. Doing the samba on the floor is a bit more romantic then bed. Try both positions to see which one is better for the both of you and go from there.
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