How To Have Sex With Sister’s Friend

The basics of how to have sex with sister’s friend are not as complicated as you might imagine. After all, everyone involved in the situation is an adult who can make their own choices. All you need to do is make sure no one gets angry or hurt in the process.

  1. Know how serious you are. If you’re not serious about your sister’s friend, then you might consider not having sex. Odds are, you’re going to see your sister’s friend often and things might get awkward if she wants to take things further.
  2. Have an honest talk with your sister’s friend. The only way to know where she stands is to ask her. She might just be interested in casual sex, or she might be looking for a relationship. Make sure you both want the same thing before anything happens.
  3. Approach your sister alone. Talk to your sister about your interest in her friend. Explain that you’ve already talked to her friend and that you both want the same thing. Let her know that you’ve taken steps to ensure she won’t be put in the middle of anything.
  4. Talk with your sister together. If your sister is not receptive to talking with you, talk to her with her friend that you’re interested in. She might listen if you both let her know that you’re adults who have thought through your decision to have sex and possibly date.
  5. Always protect yourself. No matter who you’re having sex with, always wear protection. Use a condom and have a backup in case it breaks. Even if your sister swears she knows that her friend doesn’t have a sexually transmitted infection, you still need to protect yourself just in case against infection and unplanned pregnancy.  
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