How To Have Sex On The Sofa

In terms of sexual exploration, learning how to have sex on the sofa is a pivotal point of experimentation in having sex in different places. In learning how to have sex in areas outside of the bedroom, the door opens to unlimited possibilities in which when and where a couple can have sex. As such, the much desired spur of the moment sex that tends to light the fire in any sexual relationship becomes more prevalent. Having sex on the sofa is nothing to be intimidated about; however, there are a few points worth taking note on.

  1. Ensure a smooth and comfortable transition by taking control. In learning how to have sex on the sofa, the transition from foreplay to intercourse can be confusing, and even awkward for some couples. To help alter this, take control when it is time for intercourse to begin; by doing so, if she is as into it as you are, she will follow your lead and go with it. Taking control helps avoid any uncertainty as to whether or not the sex is going in the direction the woman or the man assumes it is and allows it to just happen.
  2. Make sure she is comfortable. Having sex on the sofa can be difficult on the woman involved. This is mainly due to the fact that typically, she will have to open her hips up more to straddle you. Help ensure that she is comfortable by working with her during intercourse as she adjusts herself and achieves a specific angle that is comfortable on her hips and knees.
  3. Pay attention to the speed limit. Obviously, there is not set speed limit when it comes to having sex on the sofa. However, be aware that there are signs to pay attention of in terms of your partners reaction during intercourse. As mentioned, a woman's joints can be strained after a period of time having sex on the couch, so keep the rhythm slow and steady, and try to avoid any longevity of fast and shallow thrusting.
  4. Experiment with positions. While in fact the woman on top, straddling the man is among the most popular, there are plenty of other ways to have sex on the sofa. Experiment with different positions that allow different angles to be hit for the woman, maximizing her pleasure.

In all, learning how to have sex on the sofa is an important aspect of a couples sex life. By being aware of some of the basic guidelines, whether it is the first time or the tenth, the sex will be a fired up and enjoyable experience for both partners.

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