How To Have Sex Standing Up

Finding a way to explore an erotic and exciting position with your partner is to learn how to have sex standing up. Having sex while standing up adds a thrilling and spontaneous feeling to any coupling. There are a few options for sex while standing up, and though each one is not the easiest to accomplish right out of the gate, they are all something neither one of you will soon forget.

  1. The first thing to look at when having sex is the height and weight of your partner. Those two factors will dictate which standing positions is easiest to achieve when having sex. This first sex position is said to have originated in India in ancient times. This position can be done standing against nothing, but best done against a wall for agility and stability. You would be standing with your back against the wall while your partner is facing you. Reach down and grab one of her legs at the knee and pull it up till her leg is at a 90 degree angle. With you bending down slightly, this gives you the perfect position to slip right in and enjoy.
  2. This position while standing requires the partner to be light enough to be lifted. Like the position before, this is best done with your back against a wall and her standing in front of you. Lift your partner up off the ground, holding your partner by placing a palm on each butt cheek. She should put a hand on each of your shoulders for stability while you guide her up and down with your hands. Because of how much strength you have to have to be able to hold her up the entire time, this should be done with a lighter partner.
  3. This next position requires your partner to have some agility and flexibility but always a fun one. This one would require your partner to bend over with one hand on the ground and her hips up, legs spread apart. You would stand behind her, bending slightly at the knees and gripping her hips, slip in. This one may take some time to get a good flow down, as well as learning not to push her face forward onto the ground, but in a pinch, this is a thrilling position in the heat of the moment.
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