How To Have Sex With A Stranger

To know how to have sex with a stranger, you have to follow some basic advice. It’s definitely not easy to randomly hook up with somebody, but at times the circumstances all come together for it to happen. If you’ve prepared yourself, it can happen more often than you think.

  1. Be handsome. Okay, this isn’t always quite so simple, of course, but to attract and ultimately have sex with a stranger, you should at least present yourself in a nice manner. Keep yourself groomed with a nice haircut, clean shave and tweezed eyebrows. Dress in modern and sharp clothing and in general, create a nice presentation. In addition, carry yourself well with nice posture. Even if you’re not classically handsome, women will be attracted to you for your overall nice appearance. Women you don’t know will certainly notice you.
  2. Go to where the stranger is. This isn’t meant to sound flip, but there are certain places where you are more likely to meet the kind of girl who will hook up with a guy she doesn’t know. Church is probably not a good idea and neither is a PTA meeting. Head to the clubs or singles bars, however, where women are on the prowl, and you’re more likely to get lucky in having sex with a stranger. Another place you might have success is popular vacation destinations, where women are away from home and more likely to be frisky and live dangerously.
  3. Put her at ease. Going to bed with someone, particularly from the perspective of a female, is potentially a risky proposition and puts her in a vulnerable position. To have sex with a stranger, you have to take the time to talk to her, being charming and witty, and put her at ease. If she gets to know you a bit and feels like you are being genuine and honest with her, she is going to let her guard down and follow you to bed.
  4. Be ready to lower you standards. Even hot chicks can be slutty, but to have sex with a stranger, you have to be prepared to settle for something less than the hot chicks. Let’s face it—the mega hotties can get sex wherever, whenever and from whomever, so you might have to shop in the bargain bin to make this happen. But the not-so-cute girls are more likely to crave and appreciate the attention that can lead up to hitting the sack. So, put some beer goggles on and don’t be afraid to chat up the needy ones.
  5. Let her set the pace. As part of letting the woman get comfortable, to have sex with a stranger you need to let her set the pace of the evening. If you’re at a club, don’t pressure her to dance. If she’s drinking, don’t offer to buy if she doesn’t want you to. If she’s ready to leave, don’t insist on driving her. If you come across as being pushy or desperate, she’ll find this aggressive and off-putting. Let her make the decisions that guide the evening, and you just follow along, being as friendly and charming as possible.
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