How To Have Sex On Third Date

Setting the stage is key to getting her in the mood and figuring out how to having sex on the third date. If you haven't scored sexually on the first date or even the second, you've got another shot to have sex on the third date by making your advances more obvious. 

  1. You've got a better shot at having sex on the third date if you choose a date spot conducive to romance. Women like to feel comfortable, cozy and cherished so ask you woman friend over to your home for the third date. Tell her that you'd just like a low key date and ask if a movie and sofa seem ok to her.
  2. Once she says 'yes' to your third date idea, set the stage for romance. The very first thing to do is to clean up your pig sty! Get rid of those old pizza boxes and beer bottles, polish the furniture, and vacuum. Don't forget to change the sheets on the bed to get it ready for your sexual encounter. If you don't have time to clean thoroughly, at least pick up the house of trash, and spray Pledge furniture polish in the front hallway. Just the lemony smell of Pledge will trick her into thinking you've cleaned.
  3. The next way to set the stage for romance is to add some candles around the room. Select self-contained candles so the fire hazard is lower. Add a few to the beside tables.
  4. Sprinkle rose petals on the bed and floor around the bed. Rose petals on the bed are a clear signal to any woman that sex is clearly in your mind. Rose petals also can smell good, especially if you dowse them with rose oil prior to sprinkling them around the room.
  5. Rent a chick flick, like "Sleepless in Seattle", and settle in on the sofa.  Be gentle and take it slow. Follow the above tips and you're sure to score and have sex on the third date!
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