How To Have Sex On Top

Do you want to know how to have sex on top? Sex can be a lot of fun and a great workout anyway that you do it. Learning how to do different positions is very important to keeping things going strong in your relationship. One of the easiest is to learn how to have sex on top. This puts you in total control of what happens and the motions during this position. Enjoy learning how to have sex on top with your woman.

  1. Start out with some amazing foreplay. Remember not to skip straight to the sex. Kiss her and spend some time using your tongue moving down her body. Lick her nipples and suck on them a bit. Get her in the mood and ready for you on top of her.
  2. Lie on top of her gently. Once you lie down on her, press your chest up against hers. You are now ready to have sex on top of your woman.
  3. Press your penis up against her vagina. As you press up against her, you will feel her begin to get more wet and your penis will start to slide into her gently, Keep pushing until you are able to get the tip of your penis inside of her.
  4. Once you start to go inside, begin thrusting your hips. The motion of your hips thrusting will start to push your penis inside of her deeper. This is the best way to have sex on top. Keep moving your body and pulling your penis almost out and then sliding it back into her vagina. Try both fast and slow to see which way you both enjoy the most.



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