How To Have Sex With A Virtual Sex Doll

You’ve purchased your lifelike silicone sex partner, but now you need to learn how to have sex with a virtual sex doll. These types of dolls can be a beautiful and pleasurable option for your sexual desires. Achieve maximum enjoyment long-term by learning how to move your doll, penetrate her properly, and properly clean her up afterwards by following the steps below. 

  1. Move your sex doll into position. To avoid damaging the doll, it’s safest to move her in a chair with wheels. Make sure to lift with your knees and not your back. Your doll’s hands are especially prone to injury so arrange them over her chest or hang them over your shoulders.
  2. Put your doll in a pose. You can place your doll in whatever favorite sex position you can imagine that would be natural for the normal flexibility of an adult. In missionary style, the doll can support over 400 pounds of weight. If you’re into props, you can even use sex swings or bondage kits. Just be careful with doggy-style. For this position, you’ll need to rest the doll’s upper body on pillows so that she can maintain the pose as you thrust into her. Also note that the doll cannot stand on her own-you’ll need to hang her from the bolt on her neck or set her up on a platform.
  3. Penetrate. There are three holes in the doll for you to penetrate-her mouth, her anus, and her vagina. You must use a water-based lubricant during intercourse with your virtual sex doll. This type of lubricant is easy to clean up and won’t damage the silicone material of the doll. When you enter her, you will feel a realistic stretching of the opening and a pleasurable suction from a vacuum effect of the silicone, especially in her mouth.
  4. Clean your doll up. Your virtual sex doll should come up with a cleaning kit. After your orgasm, make sure to clean her up so that she’ll be ready and sanitary for your next session. Use warm water and antibacterial soap to clean out her orifices. You can even bathe or shower with your virtual sex doll so that you both come out squeaky clean-these dolls can resist heat over 400 degrees so you can plan to take a hot bath with her for a relaxing end to your sex session.
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