How To Have Sex Without Kissing

To know how to have sex without kissing, you need to have intimacy in other areas. Sex is great most ways you slice it, so even if you don’t kiss your partner, you can both still get your rocks off. While kissing adds to the experience, it is not essential.

  1. Be intimate in other ways. You may have sex without kissing, but that doesn’t mean you can be “close” and intimately romantic at all. Often, kissing a woman’s neck and shoulders are just as tender and soft as kissing her on the mouth. In addition, lightly stroking sensitive areas of her body is also a way to be gentle while having sex.
  2. Lots of oral. If you’re going to have sex without kissing, you’ll want to put your lips and tongue to use in other ways, particularly with a lot of oral sex. Part of the sensuality of sex is experiencing it with all your senses and if you are not kissing your partner, you will want to enjoy her taste and softness on your lips and tongue while between her legs.
  3. Make it dirty. A lot of kissing is typically associated with soft, romantic love making. Of you are having sex without kissing, make your experience a nasty, dirty time. Call her names, slap her around, bite and pinch her (so long as she is into all of this, of course) and do whatever you can to make it a raw, nasty, XXX experience.
  4. Role-play. Allowing that line, if you are having sex without kissing, go ahead and role-play a bit. It can be the naughty schoolgirl and the stern schoolmaster, the misbehaving citizen and the cranky cop, or the naughty nurse and her unwilling, but defenseless, patient. Whatever your interests are, you can find a fun and exciting role-play scenario that puts the focus of your time in the bedroom on the roles and not on the lack of kissing.
  5. Keep her back to you. If you are having sex without kissing, make it easy on both of you by not being faced with the temptation to kiss. You can do this by simply staying behind your partner. You can do this, of course, by spooning, doing the reverse cowgirl or doggy style. If you stay in a position that does not allow you kiss each other, this will be much easier.
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