How To Have Sex Without Moaning

Since some situations call for silence, or at very least discretion, everyone kinky naughty pants who likes to get it on with others in earshot should know how to have sex without moaning. Sooner or later we all find ourselves in a romantic interlude somewhere that we shouldn’t be having sex. Maybe while visiting your partner’s parents, at the office Christmas party, or even the infamous bathroom stall scenario. If you haven’t yet, someday you’ll find yourself needing to have sex without moaning and here are a few fun ways to do it;

  1. Always keep your mouth full – A surefire way to have sex without moaning is to keep your mouth full. “Full of what”, you ask? Full of your partner! Find something, to suckle. It shouldn’t be hard during the throws of passion. Open wide and be creative. A mouthful of lovin’ should muffle those cries of lust.
  2. Get a nice fluffy pillow – Then bite it! Whatever you’re doing, do it face down. And when you feel the urge to let that mating call go, burry your face in the pillow. Or hers, depending on who’s moaning you are trying to control while you have sex. Without moaning, you can also enjoy watching your favorite television show over her shoulder.
  3. Try a ball gag – If you are a really kinky type of lover, a ball gag is an effective way to have sex without moaning. And if you’re into ball gags, chances are you know a Mistress or two that will punish you if you so much as make a peep. Now bark like a dog for me!
  4. Have sex with a lousy lover – We’ve all had one somewhere down the line, haven’t we? A bed partner that just doesn’t do it for us, boring in the sack, the ultimate let down. If you really need to have sex without moaning, for whatever your reasons, THAT is your girl! You won’t be doing any moaning if you’re not enjoying yourself and you’ll get away with your dirty deed with ease.
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