How To Have Sex Without Penetration

If you don't want to go all the way sexually but still want to have sex, you need to know how to have sex without penetration. Sex without penetration defines itself. Every day around the world people enjoy sex without penetration. Sex without penetration has many benefits such as, pregnancy prevention, prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and an enjoyable alternative to sex with penetration. Check the strategy below for a way to enjoy sex without penetration.

You will need:

  • Almond/Coconut/Apricot oil. 
  1. Mutual masturbation. The practice of mutual masturbation is probably enjoyed by every culture in the world. Mutual masturbation can be very satisfying. Start off by simply massaging each others bodies and work your way up to masturbating together. Use mirrors and watch yourselves to add excitement to this penetration free sex act.
  2. Oral sex. You can perform oral sex on your partner without entering her vagina. Cover your partner's vulva with plastic sandwich wrap to prevent the penetration of your tongue. Have your partner tease your penis with her tongue instead of taking it into her mouth. This is a great way for the two of you to enjoy penetration free oral sex.
  3. Masturbate one another. Take turns masturbating each other. Use sandwich wrap to cover her vagina so that you can be absolutely certain your fingers will not penetrate her.
  4. Use a body crevice for masturbation. This is another very popular penetration free sex act. Apply some oil to your partner's breasts and she can use them and the crevice between them to masturbate you.

Warning: Do not use oil along with sandwich wrap to have penetration free sex, the oil will may weaken the already fragile plastic and cause it to break. Use extreme self control when participating in penetration free sex to avoid pregnancy and penetration.

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