How To Have Sex With Your Best Friend

In looking into how to have sex with your best friend, there can be obvious complications that would make the concept somewhat difficult to achieve. Whether or not this best friend has an equal interest in you, how sexually active they are, as well as the implications on the friendship are just a few of the many items to consider when taking this step. This article outlines some of the aspects of having sex with your best friend that can ensure a favorable outcome for both partners.

  1. Consider their feelings. When looking in how to have sex with your best friend, there are many things to consider. A big part of the experience lies within the psychological implications of taking a friendship to this level; as such, be sure you know they are comfortable with the decision to have sex. By doing so, the experience will be pleasurable for both partners involved and will have less of a negative fallout afterwards.
  2. Approach it in a laid back atmosphere. When approaching the option of having sex with your best friend, try to do so casually in a public atmosphere. While at a party where everyone is drinking and having a good time, it is easy to become more flirty and play off a mutual attraction you might have for one another, as a result of going this route, the transition into sex will be easier and less complicated for the friendship.
  3. Go with an old fashioned position. When the time comes that you do have sex with your best friend, try to make it something that is more sensual than explicit. Going this route gives a more comforting feeling to the entire experience and might make it less awkward to talk about after the fact.
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