How To Have Sex With Your Wife

If you’ve been married for awhile then you might find yourself asking this question, “How to have sex with your wife?” Not saying that you are a virgin when it comes to sexual intercourse, but maybe the bedroom romance needs a turbo charge to excite your intimate interludes. If you want to sustain a good healthy sex life, then go that extra mile and discover a whole new world of lovemaking to make her happy.

  1. Take a bath together. Women like a romantic bath with candlelight. One thing will lead to another if you take a bath together. If you want to know one of the top ways of how to have sex with your wife then buy a bunch of candles. Women dig that.
  2. Ask her if she would like to role play. After a few years of trying a plethora of different sexual poses she just might be interested into a little fantasy. Never hurts to ask and let her think about it. If she’s into it, she’ll come around and let you know.
  3. Kiss her for a long time. How to have sex with your wife is not to skip first base and then go straight for a home run. Your wife’s a sure thing but women love to be kissed and caressed.
  4. Snuggle her in bed. A woman loves to feel safe in her husband’s arms. Snuggle her, spoon her and just be there for her. Do note there's a difference between snuggling and groping. Women want to snuggle with no agenda. Once she feels secure then you'll see results.
  5. Communicate about life, kids and love. How to have sex with your wife is to listen to what’s going on inside of her. Sex for women is an emotional connection. Reach out to her and she in turn will reach out to you.
  6. Give her alone time. One of the best tactics in how to have sex with your wife is to make sure she has alone time to rest from kids, work and all household responsibilities. This eases her mind and gets her back in the bedroom relaxed and ready to have a good time with her man.
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