How To Have Sexy Body Language

Learning how to have sexy body language will give you an advantage in the dating world. Potential dates will find you more attractive and will want to get to know you without being aware of what’s happening. People tend to gravitate toward people who like them so use your body language to send the right signals. In no time you’ll be able to draw the people you want with very little effort.

  1. Keep everything in your body language open. Keep your arms uncrossed, especially when you’re speaking to someone you’re trying to attract. Part of sexy body language is keeping your body open and letting the other person know that you’re unguarded and vulnerable. Vulnerability is attractive because it establishes trust.
  2. Smile. Smiling indicates friendliness and a welcoming attitude. People are more likely to approach you if they think you’re warm and receptive. It also shows that you’re confident and confidence is essential to sexy body language.
  3. Point your body toward the person to whom you’re attracted. If you’re sitting, point your feet in his direction and if you’re standing, turn your torso toward her. Turning in her direction is a subtle way of indicating interest. Even if you’re in a crowd, your body language will let the person you want to get to know her.
  4. Use any excuse to lean into the person’s space. Actions such as whispering in her ear in a loud club or touching him lightly on the arm while laughing creates intimacy and keep her attention focused on you. Once the intimacy is established, it will be easier to begin a conversation and exhibit even more sexy body language.
  5. Maintain eye contact. Don’t stare because that’s-creepy-not-sexy body language. Just stay focused on her face. If you’re shy, use the triangle approach to flirting: shift your focus randomly from her mouth to her left eye and then right eye.
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