How To Have Wheelchair Sex

Wondering how to have wheelchair sex? Where there is a will, there is definitely a way. Just because you are in a wheel chair doesn’t mean you don’t have sexual needs and if you do, those needs should be met. Being in a wheel chair just may limit the positions you can use to have sex in, but that doesn’t mean those positions can’t and won't be sexually fulfilling. Learn to be creative and think of new positions, perhaps positions only someone in a wheelchair could perform.

  1. Strengthen your upper body. If your legs are not working make your arms stronger. Use dumb bells to strengthen them; you will be able to take a bigger part in the sexual act. Using your big strong arms to pull her up and down on you will make her beg for more.
  2. Have an imaginative sex partner. If you are involved with someone who has a great imagination she may come up with different positions the two of you can try. By the way not many people can play off sitting in a corner with a woman on his lap while she is wearing a dress; you can really have fun with that one.
  3. Trial and error is important. The only way you will know if certain positions will work while in a wheelchair is try them out. That’s the same thing a person not in a wheelchair have to do, to see what sexual positions will or want work.
  4. The backwards seated positions. This would be a great position for someone in a wheelchair to have sex. The woman standing then sit  down on you, but she just continues to go up and down on you; With the help of you forcefully pulling her down; are you getting excited?
  5. Face to face woman on top. If you want the sexual experience to be more intimate let her climb on top of you, so the two of you can gaze into each other’s eyes, while you fondle her breast and kiss her passionately. If she is pretty flexible you can also try letting her put her legs on your shoulders while slightly leaning back with a little support from you.

You may be limited to the positions you can have sex in because you are in a wheelchair, but you are not limited to the amount of sexual fun you can have; remember to keep an open mind.

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