How To Have Wild College Sex Parties

If you want to be a college party legend, then you’re obviously going to need to know the basics of how to have wild college sex parties. It’s definitely possible to put on these types of parties without failing miserably or enduring awkwardness. Use these tips to host your own wild college sex parties, and the guests will be raving about them for years!

  1. Whenever you’re going to throw wild college sex parties, you’ll need to establish whether they’ll be strictly heterosexual parties or if they’ll be gay friendly. Of course, both are completely great recipes for fun, but it’s universally known that there are some intolerant people for homosexual encounters. Keep this in mind, and make sure all of your guests know what theme it will be either way. This will help avoid confusion and conflict, and it will make for a smooth process in the long run.
  2. Invite those who are open about the idea of sex parties. Of course, everyone loves to experiment but make sure that everyone that you invite knows exactly what they’re getting themselves into to avoid awkwardness during your party. Additionally, try not to invite too many couples. It would be better to leave them out all together because sex parties with couples tend to end in confrontation for obvious reasons.
  3. Don’t forget the alcohol! Sex parties aren’t complete without alcohol, so remember to bring enough to supply the entire guest list. Some people might be more apt to participating in sex parties if they’re liquored up, so keep this in mind. On the other side of the coin, some people can do these types of things completely sober!
  4. Prepare the lighting. You don’t exactly want fluorescent lights beaming down on your sex party, so try to bring in some dim lamps to soften the mood up a little bit.
  5. Select the right music. Try to pick something that could potentially bring some people out of their shells. For example, you might want to stick with erotic, cosmopolitan type music playing softly in the background. This can really unconsciously sex the mood up a lot, and your guests will think so too.
  6. Supply condoms and lube. This might be the most important step of all. Don’t forget the condoms simply for the sheer fact that you don’t want any babies being made or STD’s being transmitted at the party. On the other hand, lube is self-explanatory.
  7. Make sure to have lots of cleaning supplies on hand for the morning after. Face it – you’re probably going to be spending the majority of your morning trying to piece back together broken lamps whilst scrubbing “stains” out of your carpet. Prepare for this and make sure you have the necessary supplies on hand.
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