How To Have Wild College Sex

Knowing the right ways to how to have wild college sex can really enhance your college experience. College girls are generally young, explorative and uninhibited. They're ready to explore their passions and desires. All you need to do is make sure you’re there to help them have the wild college sex they may be craving.

  1. Form a bond and connection. You might think the wildest college sex is with strangers and one night stands. However, when you have a trusting, loving relationship with a woman, this is when she’ll really start to open up sexually and let you in on her wild sexual fantasies.
  2. Encourage oral sex. Some college girls have never given oral sex. An inexperienced girl can make for some wild fun. You can take time to guide her and show her exactly what you like. She’ll get a real thrill out of pleasing you.
  3. Get in public. Having sex in public on your college campus can be very wild. Whether it’s as safe as your dorm room or as naughty and dangerous as an open field, it will certainly be wild. Just make sure you don’t get caught. Your university will likely frown on this behavior.
  4. Experiment with different positions. You can make your college sex really wild with different positions. College girls are young, limber and full of energy. This means you can experiment with various standing positions and those that take a little more athletic ability.
  5. Get in there from behind. College girls are more likely to be open to different sexual adventures. You can have vaginal sex from behind or you can try anal to get even more wild. Be sure to use plenty of lubrication. Once you’re both comfortable, you can combine wild techniques, like having your girl throw on a skirt and take off her underwear so you can get her from behind in a public place, such as an elevator or public bathroom.
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