How To Have Wild Sex With Girls

Every guy wants to know how to have wild sex with girls. Standard intercourse is boring. Guys want to have wild sex with girls; the kind of crazy wild sex that wakes up the neighbors. No, the kind of sex that makes the neighbors call the police. This stuff is a bit more advanced than the missionary position here folks. We’re talking about the wild, kinky, tribal jungle sex that missionaries tried to oppress. Let’s get started.

  1. Step one: Find a girl willing to have sex with you. This may seem obvious, but for some men, finding a girl willing to engage in sexual intercourse is the single biggest obstacle preventing them from learning how to have wild sex with girls. Shocking, no? Prostitution aside, conventional wisdom suggests two ways to convince a girl to have sex with you: love and trickery. Love is complicated and may take several lifetimes to figure out, so trickery is usually the best option. Most relationships are really about trickery, smoke and mirrors, and subterfuge. So, step one, trick ‘em good.
  2. Step two: Lowering their sexual inhibitions. Unless you hit the sexual lottery, your blushing beauty is likely to have a few sexual hang-ups that may prevent you from having wild sex with her. If you want to have wild sex with girls you will need to lower their inhibitions and make them feel comfortable. Alcohol is the easiest way to do this. Having a drink, or thirty, prior to sexual activity will serve as social lubricant for the two of you (you’ll need the other kind too, sold separately). Just make sure she doesn’t drink so much that touching her becomes illegal. Establishing trust will also lower her inhibitions. Ironically, destroying her self—esteem often produces similar results.
  3. Step three: Make sure you’re ready to have wild sex with girls. I don’t mean emotionally or spiritually. You need to be physically fit if you truly aspire to get weird. Stretch early and often and stay hydrated.
  4. Step four: Put her pleasure first. This is the most important step on this list. If she’s having a good time, she’ll make sure you’re having a good time. Take care of her needs and you’ll be having wild sex with her (and maybe some of her friends) whenever and however you want.     
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