How To Have Your Girlfriend Stimulate Your Prostate

If you would like to have the most intense orgasm of your life, learn how to have your girlfriend stimulate your prostate.  Prostate orgasm is achieved by having your prostate massaged, which can be easily accomplished by your girlfriend, even if she has no experience with prostate play at all.  Listed below you'll find out how to have your girlfriend stimulate your prostate so that you can have a full-body orgasm like you have never experienced before.

Things needed when you have your girlfriend stimulate your prostate:

  • Lubricant
  • Glove
  • Thick pillow
  • Sex toy

How to have your girlfriend stimulate your prostate:

  1. Massage.  The first step in having her stimulate your prostate is to have her start off by massaging your anus using A LOT of lubricant.  This will help relax the muscles and make it easier for her to penetrate.  Some men are unsure whether they like the idea of their anus being penetrated, but once they experience a prostate orgasm, their doubts are put to rest.  A prostate orgasm is much more intense than an orgasm achieved by sexual intercourse.
  2. Slow and easy.  To have your girlfriend stimulate your prostate, it is important that she work very slow and easy.  Before she enters the anus with her finger, she will need to apply a lot of lubricant to both her gloved finger and the anus.  She should enter slowly, using long gentle strokes. 
  3. Find the prostate.  The prostate gland is very easy to locate.  It will be easier for her to locate if you lay on your stomach, with a thick pillow placed beneath your groin area.  This will elevate the buttocks and make it much easier for her to stimulate your prostate.  With her finger inserted into the anus, and her palm facing down, she should search for something walnut shaped.  With her hand in this position, it should be very easy to locate.
  4. Stimulate your prostate. Once the prostate is located, your girlfriend should begin slowly rubbing and massaging it using a downward motion.  Once you are aroused, she can stimulate your prostate faster and more intensely – quickening the pace until you orgasm.  As your prostate is stimulated, you will experience a very hard erection and possibly penile leaking.  This is perfectly normal, and a sign that the prostate has, indeed, been found.  With practice, your girlfriend can stimulate your prostate as she performs oral sex on you, which will CURL YOUR TOES!
  5. Optional sex toy.  If your girlfriend is opposed to sticking a finger inside your anus, you can have her use a sex toy instead.  When shopping for a sex toy, look for those that are designed specifically for prostate play.  These toys are shaped in a way that makes locating the prostate virtually effortless, and may be a more appealing option for her when she is ready to stimulate your prostate.
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