How To Head Drop

So, you want to perform a new trick on your friends and you decided you want to learn how to head drop? Well, we're going to tell you the simplest way to do the head drop. Overall, the whole process of the head drop trick is not too difficult, and it is worth practicing it before doing it in front of your friends.

Stuff you'll need:

  • Two shirts or one shirt and a jacket
  • Metal coat hanger
  1. Put on the shirts. The first shirt you put on should be a normal shirt, not a polo shirt or anything like that, just a normal shirt. The second shirt or the jacket you must put on should be cut at the top like a V neck shirt. If you don't have any shirts like this, then you can manually cut it. Most jackets probably already have this done. Don't put on the second shirt or jacket yet, though.
  2. Using the coat hanger. Take the metal coat hanger and straighten it by untwisting it and unfolding it. Then, put it in the second shirt from shoulder to shoulder. Then, put on the second shirt or jacket. Make sure that it is comfortable for you as you will have to act as natural as possible.
  3. Practice the head drop trick. What you have to do is pretend like you are going to sneeze. Then push up your second shirt or jacket and the coat hanger will keep the shoulders straight. Then, quickly drop back down to finish the head drop trick.
  4. Perform the trick on somebody! Now, find somebody to perform the head drop magic trick on. This can be either a friend or a random stranger if you feel brave and confident enough.
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