How To Head Glide

You probably think learning how to Head Glide is complicated. Not true. The mechanics behind a Head Glide are the easy part. The difficulty with the Head Glide maneuver is balancing long enough for the move to be considered a Head Glide and not a breakdancing outtake. Needless to say, balance and back strength (including the neck) are the most important pieces to holding the Head Glide together. There's a decent amount of physical discipline that you'll need to pull off a good Head Glide as well as keeping yourself safe. You have to show a considerable level of caution when placing the majority of your weight on your head and neck. You don't want to end up in a wheelchair. Well, here's the Head Glide.

  1. Nothing to it but to do it. Get into a crouched over position. Lean your head over towards the floor so that where your head line and forehead meets is touching the floor. Put your arms slightly in front of your head and to the sides in a bent position. You're going to use your arms to push forward. Your legs should be knee to the ground with the tips of your shoes pointing forward. You're going to use your legs to push forward with your arms.
  2. Things to remember before take off. Do not change the positioning of your head and neck mid move unless you like a wheelchair supplementing your movement. You neck and head need to remain straight. Also, don't pull your arms to far away from the ground after take off just in case you need to attempt to catch yourself.
  3. Lets go. Simultaneously push yourself forward with your hands and your legs. Immediately after pushing, you need to lift your torso upward and extend your legs to the sky. Now, don't, we repeat, don't lift your lower body too far up. If you do, you run the risk of flipping over or falling on your neck. That wouldn't be a good move. Please don't forget to lock your head and neck into place. Do not move them while your weight is on them or you'll be in trouble.
  4. Some help. If you're not into rug burns on your forehead, throw on a thick skull cap or even a baseball hat. As always, the more you practice the move the more comfortable you'll be with the mechanics. Don't do more than you're comfortable with because you truly do run the risk of injury with this maneuver. Also, remember the importance of being able to transition from this move to another one. The Head Glide by itself is just OK, but link it with a bunch of other cool moves then you've got yourself a great performance.
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