How To Heal A Black Eye

Knowing how to heal a black eye can come in handy, especially if you happen to get one. Having a black eye is not a pretty sight and can lead to unwanted attention. A black eye occurs when there is bruising of tissue surrounding the eye and then eye gets affected in that area. The discoloration is a result of pooling blood that is caused by the bruise. It can take up to a couple of weeks for a black eye to heal. There are some things that you can do to help speed up the healing process of a black eye.

  1. Apply ice within the first 24 hours. This will help to keep the swelling and coloring down. Cold temperatures on bruises cause the vessels to contract some, and restrict the amount of blood that is being released. Make sure to take breaks periodically when you apply ice to your eye to prevent further damage to your muscles.
  2. Take Tylenol if your eye is experiencing pain or swelling. Do not take Aspirin because it is an anticoagulant that can prevent the blood from clotting. This can cause and even bigger bruise and slow down the healing of the black eye.
  3. Apply vitamin K 1% cream to the bruised area. This should help to heal the bruise faster by accelerating the healing to the tissue. Be careful not to get any vitamin K cream into the eye itself. You can wear an eyepatch with vitamin k while sleeping to help with the healing of the black eye.
  4. Avoid blowing your nose if at all possible. If you have to blow your nose be very gentle, as it could increase inflammation and cause extreme pain. The black eye could also begin to bleed again from the force and the pressure of blowing.
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