How To Heal A Blister

Blisters are a pain, but you can learn how to heal a blister easily. Blisters occur when there is too much friction applied to one part of the body. They appear most frequently on your feet, but can occur anywhere on the body. It is important to treat a blister, or they my become infected.

To learn how to treat a blister, you will need:

  • some rubbing alcohol
  • a pin
  • a moleskin
  • some sterile gauze
  • some waterproof adhesive tape
  1. Decide if you should pop the blister. First, take a good look at your blister.  If the blister is large, watery, and painful, it may be a good idea to pop it. If the blister is smaller, and harder, it is far better to avoid popping it.
  2. If you decide to pop the blister, you must be sterile. If you decide to lance your blister, you should disinfect the pin with rubbing alcohol. You should also disinfect the blister and the area around the blister. Pop the blister from the side, and don't tear off the skin around the blister, just drain the blister by slowing squeezing it.
  3. If you would rather not lance the blister use moleskin to protect it. Cut a patch of moleskin, and cut out a hole in the center. Attach the moleskin to the affected area with the blister in the cutout hole.
  4. If you want to heal the blister, you must keep it covered and the covering dry. Cover the blister with sterile gauze held on with waterproof adhesive tape. Make sure to change the dressing if it becomes wet.
  5. To promote faster healing for your blister, air it out. It is a good idea to remove the gauze occasionally and air out your blister to allow it to dry.



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