How To Heal A Broken Arm Faster

You should find out how to heal a broken arm faster if you have suffered this type of injury. Listen to what your doctor tells you, and try not to overdo it during your recovery period. If you can take some time off of work to rest and recover, that can help you heal a broken arm faster.

Things You May Need:

  • Physical therapy
  • Bone stimulator
  1. Ask the doctor if they can refer you to a physical therapist. The doctor will write you up a referral, then you must contact the physical therapist to set up a consultation. Depending on how bad the break in your bone is, the doctor may require you to wait a few days or weeks before you try to start using therapy to heal a broken arm faster.
  2. Find out if the doctor can get you a bone stimulator. This device uses ultrasound to help heal a broken arm faster. If the doctor agrees to permit you to use the device, make sure your insurance will cover the cost of the bone stimulator, since they can be expensive.
  3. See if the doctor or therapist will give you an arm immobilizer. Rather than using a standard sling, an immobilizer keeps your arm secured against your body. This can help you heal a broken arm faster, since you will not be able to move your arm accidentally.
  4. Follow the physical therapist’s instructions. Once you have met with the therapist, they will give you some home exercises to perform, which can help you heal a broken arm faster. Stick to the program, and do not try to do too much until the therapist advises you it is safe.



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