How To Heal A Cold Sore Faster

If you have a nasty cold sore, learn about how to heal a cold sore faster for quicker relief from this irritating ailment. Cold sores are a skin irritation that form on the lips or inside the mouth. They are a form of herpes simplex virus or HSV. This is also the kind of herpes virus that can cause sores on the genitals, also called genital herpes. Cold sores of the mouth and lips, with proper care, usually heal in a few days or may take as long as a few weeks.

To heal a cold sore faster, you will need:

  • Wash cloth
  • Skin cream
  • Alum
  1. Keep the cold sore and area clean. Be sure to wash the cold sore carefully several times a day to keep the area clean. Use a clean washcloth each time and do not use if anywhere else on your body after cleaning the area around the cold sore.
  2. Use a skin cream on the cold sore. To get the cold sore to heal faster, use a skin cream or ointment made for cold sores. Ask a pharmacist for a recommendation and apply the skin cream or ointment as directed on the package.
  3. Use alum on the cold sore. Another alternative is to use alum. Alum is a spice that is used to make pickles. If you choose to use alum to heal a cold sore faster, buy a bottle of alum that is dedicated just for cold sores and store it with your other medications. Take a small pinch of the alum powder and place it on the cold sore. Make sure the cold sore is wet so the alum will stick. Repeat the application two or three times a day for several days and you should heal a cold sore faster.
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