How To Heal Cuts Fast

How to heal cuts fast is something almost everyone thinks about as soon as the cut is discovered. While a cut will only heal as fast as the body can heal it, there are some steps that can be taken to assist the body in this process. In addition, maintaining proper nutrition regularly and engaging in regular exercise will help improve overall health and make the body better able to handle cuts and bruises, and heal fast.

  1. As soon as the cut is discovered, rinse thoroughly with warm water and an antibacterial soap. If an antibacterial soap is not present, any soap will do as the main goal is to clean the area around the cut to prevent germs from forming an infection. Dry the area around the cut with a clean towel or clean paper towels.
  2. If the cut is small, apply an antibacterial product or similar triple-antibiotic ointment product. If the cut is large and requires stitches to close the wound and stop the bleeding, wrap the area tightly and proceed to the nearest emergency room for care.
  3. While bandaids and bandages make the wounded feel "better," they are not the best thing for a cut. A bandage may be applied during sleep or during work hours to keep the wound from opening, but it is best to allow the area to dry and be exposed to air for the majority of the day. This will allow a scab to heal faster and then, under the scab, the cut will heal faster.
  4. Avoid touching the cut and avoid picking at the scab at all costs. The more the scab is touched or picked at the longer the cut will stay open, the longer the cut will take to heal, and the more likely the cut is to leave a scar. The more often the open cut is touched, the greater the risk of infection which will also cause the cut to heal slower and may increase the need for medical attention.

Certain preexisting medical conditions make bodies slower to heal, and if this is a concern, consult a physician as soon as possible.

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