How To Heal Gum Faster After A Tooth Extraction

Need to know how to heal gums faster after a tooth extraction? Healing your gums after a tooth extraction can seem very overwhelming. It is important to take the right steps to care for your gums after tooth extraction so they can heal quickly. Once your gums are healed properly, you will be able to resume the normal activities of your life. Actually, healing your gums faster after a tooth extraction is not that hard if you follow these simple steps.

To heal your gums faster after a tooth extraction, you will need:

  • An ice pack
  • Salt
  • Gauze
  • Warm water
  • Soft, cool foods
  1. Form a blood clot. In order for your gums to heal at all, let alone faster, after a tooth extraction, you will need to get the bleeding under control by helping your body to form a blood clot. To do this you will need to bite down with a piece of gauze placed where you had the tooth extracted. This should be done for the first couple of hours after the surgery has been performed. A new piece of gauze should be placed in the mouth about every thirty minutes.
  2. Rinse your mouth with warm salt water. To help your gums heal faster after your tooth has been extracted, you can rinse your mouth out with warm salt water twelve hours after your surgery. The salt water solution should consist of one half a teaspoon of salt mixed with one half a cup of warm water. This should be done about every two hours after you're done brushing your teeth to help the gums heal faster and recover from the tooth extraction.
  3. Eat soft foods. After having a tooth removed, you can help your gums to heal faster by only eating soft, cool foods for the first twenty-four hours after your surgery. Since hot foods can cause bleeding, they should be avoided for the first day after surgery. Since your body needs protein, you can also drink protein drinks. However, these drinks should not be consumed with a straw, because this can cause the gums to start bleeding.
  4. Get plenty of rest for at least a week after the surgery. This includes not exercising for a week after the surgery. Exercise after a tooth extraction can cause increased bleeding in the gums. While this can be hard for people who exercise regularly, it is essential in order for your gums to heal fast after a tooth extraction.

Following these steps will help your gums heal much faster after you've had a tooth extracted. People who have this surgery done should avoid smoking for at least twenty-four hours after they have the surgery. Rubbing your tongue against the the gums where the tooth was extracted should also be avoided for at least a day after surgery.

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