How To Heal A Pyloric Ulcer

As we all know, ulcers are quite painful, and it is important to know how to heal a pyloric ulcer to get significant relief. A pyloric ulcer is a very common disease that can be treated naturally, without the use of expensive drugs. Aside from using antibiotics to eliminate this problem, there are natural protocols that might also be effective. The purpose of this article is to outline certain natural remedies to heal a pyloric ulcer.

The underlying cause of this disease is a bacterial infection known as  Helicobacter pylori.(H. pylori) This is a harmful bacteria that produces sores in the stomach, and duodenum. Since bacterium is the root cause of ulcers, the main strategy would be to focus on its eradication, in order to cure the disease. 

  1. Glutamine To The Rescue Glutamine is a non-essential amino acid that has been used effectively to heal a pyloric ulcer. Glutamine delivers remarkable results due to its bacteria fighting properties. Studies have shown that glutamine is considered an alternative to taking antibiotics for treating ulcers. Glutamine's main function, is to sustain cells that would otherwise die from the harmful side effects of H. pylori that produces ammonia. Further more, the amino acid should be taken as a precautionary against gastric damage, caused from the bacterial infection.  
  2. Avoid Spicy Foods. Eliminating spicy, fried, acidic, and dairy foods from the diet is the first step to prevent ulcer pains from occurring.  Even though this may not be an issue with some people, such foods are known to trigger pain, and should always be avoided.  Instead, it is best to stick to an alkaline or a bland diet that will not aggravate the disease, and this in turn will encourage healing of a pyloric ulcer. An alkaline diet may consist of: fresh fruits, green vegetables, sea vegetables, whole grain, seedless breads etc.
  3. Healing With Licorice According to research, for centuries licorice root has been used as a therapeutic benefit to heal ulcers, gastritis, and acid reflux disease. Deglycyrrhized licorice (DGL) has an anti-ulcer activity that results in the healing of ulcers. The root is known to contain compounds that produces a range of healing in the stomach. In addition, licorice also encourages cell life in the stomach lining by reproducing new cells.  Licorice should be avoided if you are pregnant, or have diabetes.  The root may cause high blood pressure.
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