How To Heal A Scab Fast

Often when we have a scab, we may ask how to heal a scab fast. We may try several remedies but with little success. Healing a scab fast is not difficult to accomplish. In fact, it is easy, but we do things that aggravate the scab and cause the scab to linger longer. If you want your scabs gone quickly, there are ways to make scabs heal fast with minimal effort.

Thing you need to make your scab heal fast:

  • Mild soap
  • Water
  • Triple antibiotic ointment
  • Bandage or Band-aid
  1. Keep your scab clean. Use mild soap and water and wash your scab as well as the surrounding area, rinse with warm water and gently pat the affected area dry. If you have dirt on the scab, gently rub the area to remove the dirt and then wash the area. This helps to heal your scab fast.
  2. Keep your scab slightly moist. Do this by using triple antibiotic ointment to the scab and the surrounding area. The ointment helps the scabs heal faster. You can also use vitamin E oil instead of the triple antibiotic if you do not have any. The oil keeps moisture in the skin and helps regenerate the skin cells and heal your scab fast.
  3. Keep your scab covered. Use a Band-Aid or a bandage, and remember to change your bandage when they become wet or dirty.
  4. Do not touch or rub the scabs. It is very tempting to touch your scabs, especially if they itch, but this will only keep the scab from healing. Touching or rubbing the scab can also cause your scab to bleed and cause infection. Do not worry about the scab; it will fall off naturally on its own and the scab will heal faster if you don't pick at it.
  5. Ignore the itching associated with your scab. This is tough because quite naturally you want to scratch. Apply antibiotic ointment that has a topic analgesic ingredient. This will help with some of the itching, and helps the scab heal fast.
  6. Watch for signs of infections. Infections will hamper your scab ability to heal faster. Look for pus or red streaks coming out of the scab. Feel the area. If the area is hot, you need to contact your doctor for stronger antibiotics because you may have an infection. Follow your doctor's directions completely to heal your scab fast.

Following these simple tips will help to heal your scabs fast and will allow you to continue your regular activities without worrying about your scabs.

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