How To Heal A Scab On Your Penis

Need to know how to heal a scab on your penis? Healing a scab on your penis can be a difficult matter. Due to the location, it is likely that the scab can be irritated by undergarments. So, how do you heal a scab on your penis? Although the exact method can depend on a number of things, such as the size of the scab and size of the initial wound, there are multiple things that can be done to help heal the scab.

  1. Treatment. Treating the area of the penis that has been injured and/or the cause of the injury is crucial to healing a scab. This typically requires an antibiotic ointment suitable for the groin area. Topical treatments such as this can help avoid an infection that can delay the healing of a scab on the penis.
  2. Avoid moisture. While bathing is still recommended, keeping the area clean and dry is a necessity to help heal scabs on the penis. After bathing, gently blot the area dry. In between showers, keep sweat at a minimum. This can be done by changing undergarments as needed and/or applying a gentle powder to the groin region.
  3. Choose appropriate garments. Briefs and pants can delay healing a scab on the penis. To avoid friction, you should always wear undergarments. Natural fabrics such as cotton are best, as other materials may cause itch and irritation.
  4. Find the cause. Healing a scab on the penis can also be affected by the initial cause of the scab. Men that have not suffered an injury that resulted in the scab on the penis should consult a physician to rule out an STD. If the scab on the penis is indeed caused by an infection or STD, antibiotic treatment may be necessary to get rid of the infection and heal the scab.


Healthwise, New York University Medical Center

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