How To Heal Scar Tissue

So, you have a lot of accidents, or you're an outdoor enthusiast, or have a dangerous job, and you need to know how to heal scar tissue. The most effective way to heal scar tissue is to treat a wound while it is healing. Otherwise, it may be too late to heal scar tissue after it's formed. Keep these tips in mind the next time you make yourself bleed or burn, and you may notice a big difference in the way your wound heals.

  1. Since scar tissue acts as a substitute to missing skin tissue (or any other healthy bodily tissue), closing a wound while it's healing will leave you with less of a visible scar.
  2. Follow your doctor's instructions for cleaning the burn or wound to reduce problems associated with the healing process. You may also want to take a first aid class through your local Red Cross if you are accident prone so you know how to treat yourself for moderate injuries that don't require a doctor's intervention.
  3. Common myths about putting compounds on scars are just that: myths. It has been found through controlled studies that applying vitamin E oil to burns can actually worsen the outcome of burns and cause contact dermatitis. However, you can't go wrong with keeping your wound clean and covered.
  4. Some professionals believe that massage can help to heal scar tissue, however this applies to internal scarring on muscles, not to surface scarring on the skin.
  5. There is no topical (on top of the skin) treatment that is proven to heal scars once they have formed. Your best bet is to do whatever you can to treat your scars while they are forming because that is the window of opportunity for changing the visible outcome of your scar.

Healing scar tissue is a topic that is still being researched by medical professionals. There is not one sure method of healing scar tissue, but if you follow the guidelines on keeping your wound clean and protected, you may find that your scar isn't as bad as you expected once it finally heals completely.

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