How To Heal A Skin Rash Caused By Clothing

Finding out how to heal a skin rash caused by clothing is not too hard. A skin rash can be itchy, or irritated, and painful, and can be caused by clothing. It can be from the fabric itself, or maybe the detergent you use to wash your clothes in. Whatever the case may be, here are some solutions.


To Heal a Skin Rash Caused by Clothing, you will need:

  • Over the counter allergy medication
  • Anti- itch soothing Lotion
  • Anti itch lotion that heals


  1. Taking over the counter allergy medication is something to start with because it will stop some of the itch and redness of the skin rash caused by clothing. ]Follow as directed and it should help relieve some of the pain and make your skin feel better soon. Over the counter allergy medication can make you sleepy, so it is suggested that you not take it and drive or do anything that could be dangerous.
  2. The anti itch soothing lotion is like any other lotion, but it is for rashes, will moisture your skin, and allows some healing to begin. The lotion will soothe your rough, itchy, dry skin, and will help it heal quicker. If you use a generous amount of anti itch soothing lotion on your rash two or three times daily, this should help a generous amount.
  3. Anti itch lotion that heals is another lotion that you need to rub directly on the rash to prevent worsening of the rash. Anti itch healing lotions also heal and help lesson the itch. Anti itch lotion that heals is a lotion usually used for poison ivy, or poison oak, but can be used for several things.


What ever you do, you should avoid scratching the rash as much as possible. The more you scratch, the more you will have scars, and it is possible for the rash or allergy to spread and worsen. Good Luck.

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