How To Heal A Strained Bicep

Knowing how to heal a strained bicep can make a dramatic difference in your condition. While some may believe that relaxation is the key to healing any type of strained muscle, this isn't always true. There are a few things that almost anyone can do to reduce the healing time of a strained bicep and return to normal activities in minimal time.

  1. Stretch. The key to properly healing a strained bicep is to continue to stretch the muscle. However, caution should be used. The bicep should only be mildly stretched; over-exertion can lead to further injury. Stretching should not be painful and should not be held until the point of tension on the muscle.
  2. Avoid strenuous activity. While stretching and light activities can help heal a strained bicep, certain activities should be avoided. This includes most sports, vigorous activities and activities that can cause further strain on the muscle. A general rule of thumb is to abstain from any activity that inflicts pain or discomfort on the strained bicep.
  3. Manage your symptoms. Managing the symptoms of a strained bicep can also promote healing. Using an elastic compress, elevation and applying ice packs are helpful in controlling the swelling associated with the strain.
  4. Seek treatment. Healing time and treatments will vary depending on the type of bicep strain. There are various grades of muscle strains, some requiring surgery and/or physical therapy. Consulting a physician may become necessary to heal a strained bicep, depending on the severity. Men suffering from severe weakness of the bicep, excruciating pain, discoloration or any other unusual symptom should consult a physician immediately.


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