How Is Heel Height Measured In Men’s Shoes

How is heel height measured in men’s shoes? Finding the right men’s shoe that fits in all the right places starts with understanding how heel height is measured. If heel height is not measured properly, this can lead to the use of padding, walking uncomfortably or just not walking at all. Here is a little information on how heel height is measured in men’s shoes.

Heel size varies from shoe to shoe. Aside from measuring only the length and width of your foot, it is also helpful to measure heel height when shopping for men’s shoes. Like with general shoe sizes, every brand makes their shoes differently. So the way in which heel height is measured in men’s shoes may vary from shoe to shoe depending on the brand.

Get an accurate measurement. Heel height in men’s shoes is measured in a similar way to measuring the length and width of the foot. The shoe that is intended to be bought and worn should be placed on the foot. In order to get a level measurement, the foot has to be on a flat surface and measured from the bottom of the heel to where the heel meets the sole of the shoe. Bending of the leg, or placing an excessive amount of weight on the heel, may cause the measurement to be wrong. Do this to both feet and the measurement should be similar. If there is around 1/6 of an inch of difference, that is no big deal. Be sure to measure both feet twice to make sure that the measurements are consistent. The shoes can be taken off to measure heel size as well.

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